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About BTC Smash

BTC Smash is a website where you destroy virtual items and get real BitCoin in exchange!

Click on items, get BitCoins and withdraw them directly to your wallet! It is as simple as it sounds!

You only need to enter a valid Bitcoin wallet address and you can begin smashing things! No user names, passwords, emails or any other personal information! Simply enter and smash away! The hits refill automatically every 3 hours so you can come back regularly and earn as much BitCoins as possible.

Even if you run out of hits you can always get more by inviting your friends or using other features of the website. We have an unique levels system where you automatically get more hits if you invite more people! The game never stops until you get your payout!

BTC Smash is possible due to our unique advertisement revenue sharing system. We add a portion of the revenue to the prize pool and distribute it among users. The more time you spend on the website the more chances there are to get rewarded!

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Free BitCoin!

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